You can donate money to be used to purchase medicine supplies, personal protective equipment, etc.

The following options are available:

  1. The Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Austria has opened a special fundraising account in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Source.

    <aside> 🏦 IBAN: AT93 1200 0100 3606 0043 BIC: BKAUATWW Recipient: Botschaft der Ukraine in Österreich

    botschaft_iban_AT93 1200 0100 3606


  2. Via bank transfer to the Ukrainian church of St. Barbara in Vienna. Funds will be used for humanitarian aid and refugees. Source (German).

    <aside> 🏦 IBAN: AT06 6000 0000 0731 1709 BIC: BAWAATWWXXX Recipient: Griech.-kath.Zentralpfarramt Purpose: Donation for humanitarian purposes in Ukraine.

    This donation is tax deductible.

    kirche_iban_AT06 6000 0000 0731


  3. Via bank transfer to the Organization of Ukrainian Youth of Austria. Funds will be used to buy CELOX - helps blood coagulation so people don’t bleed out. Source (Ukrainian).

    <aside> 🏦 IBAN: AT19 2011 1823 5370 5400 BIC: GIBAATWWXXX Recipient: Gesellschaft ukrainischer Jugend in Österreich Purpose: Spende für humanitäre Zwecke in der Ukraine

    tuma_iban_AT19 2011 1823 5370


  4. With cash at Postgasse 8a, 1010 Vienna Funds will be used for all necessary supplies.

Many goods are not available in Ukraine anymore, so it is often more practical to buy the supplies in Austria and transport them to Ukraine. With this in mind, the first three methods are preferred.

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